The Fox

by Emm Margaret

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released May 23, 2014



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Emm Margaret Provo, Utah

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Track Name: Catch & Release
Lately I've taken to dreaming of you
Darling, I think we must have met before
One day I'll come home and it would be lovely
If you were here once more.

I never thought out of all the fish in the sea
I'd catch the one I wanted
And then I'd have to leave him
And cast him back into the sea
With the rolling waters billowing
My sails in front of me

But darling I'll be home for supper
Please don't eat without me
Darling I'll be home for supper
So don't eat without me
Don't eat without me
Please, if you can, don't eat without me

You're so familiar in all that you say
Gloves, they don't fit as well as you and I
Ne ris mon cheri, it's not so absurd
Though we must say goodbye
Track Name: Lost
Send out a search party for me
I'm lost you see
Though you will never find me where
You're looking
Send out a search party for me
I'm lost

Rocks have claimed me as their own
At the bottom of the sea
Friends I have made paint my face
Grey and green
You'll never find me!

I, I am lost, I am lost, I am lost
In the river
Roll out to see with the waves
Rolling over my face

Send out a search party for me
I'm lost

The world never looked so strange as it does
From way down here
Come close I can barely see your face
And it's much too surreal

Send out a search party for me
I'm lost
Track Name: Emm Margaret (ft. Jordan Reynolds) - Mr. Kyte
The world beats out my wishful thinking
To the drumming of my heart
My dreams are dashed away by people
Destroying hopeful art
I lashed out to win [Ad by V9.0] this fight
But eventually I lose
Cause no one cares for dreams anymore
And I am just left bruised

(Chorus 1)
Mr. Fly-Away-Kyte, raise me up and let me fly
I said Honey, sweet-as-can-be, stop talking so much
And leave me

(Chorus 2)
I will keep dreaming my dreams
Even in the middle of daytime
I'll keep moving on as my heart grows strong
You can't defeat me, no, you cannot bring me down
My heart keeps pounding on, so listen to it's sound

People keep dreaming
Lovers, they keep seeking
Trains, they can't stop us
They will turn to rust

~Chorus 2~

~Chorus 1~
Track Name: Drifted
Lights fade
The day's gone away
You've found a change in pace
You're mind's in a race
With your body.

And the beat goes on and on and on and
You moved on and on and on and
No one believes you were so
Hateful to me
But you were, and you are, you are

The lights that fade and the
Day gone away, you are the
Stars that died
And gave up their fight
But still ask

Do all lights fade and
Good days go away
And end in dark bright skies
With the moons aligned

And the beat goes on and on and on and
You moved on
And on and on
On and on
You moved on and on

You moved on and
Look where you've gone to
No place to call home to
No place to call home

My lights will fade
And my days go away
But my love never fades
All the way
Track Name: Mountain's Call
It's too loud in this town
and I can't believe
You would stay all your days
in this place without me
When you know
I can't breathe here

Because the mountains are calling me
And I must go
The river is flowing to me
So I must row away, hey

I would leave
everyone I know
For the trees
I'd leave 'em for the road.
And I hope that you'll come too
On this path that I choose


They say it's lonely in the woods
They say I won't survive a week
But wolves cry to me
And trees, they haunt me in my sleep


I must go
I must go
Down the road
I must go